Gospel Meeting

This takes the form of a traditional church service: a speaker leads the meeting, suggesting a couple of hymns for the congregation to sing as well as praying before preaching.

There is usually tea and coffee served afterwards, along with home baking and chat.

The Gospel meetings are particularly suited for visitors or those interested to know more about Christianity.

Prayer and Bible study

The Prayer and Bible Study is a gathering in which we bring our prayers before God before studying a section of the Bible. The study involves reading over the text together and discussing/considering it's message. As Christians we believe the Bible is the Word of God, and is our sole authority for faith and practice.

Breaking of bread

Each assembly meets on a Sunday morning for this service. There is no fixed format although we usually sing, pray and read the Bible before sharing the Lord's supper.

Bread and wine are shared in accordance with the Lord's request, the central purpose of the service being the remembrance of Him. As such, this part of the meeting is for Christians and visitors who join with us to remember their Lord.


Challengers is a weekly kids' gathering at the hall in St Margaret's Hope.

It takes place at 18:30 each Friday and involves games, songs, quizzes, Bible stories, crafts and fun for children from age 4 onwards

Come along and bring your friends- it's free!